JACKSONVILLE, FL — Brent Gionni, longtime Jacksonville resident, contacted our industry insiders early yesterday morning on his morning commute. Mr. Gionni, 32, wanted us to know about a recent experience that has been weighing heavily on him. On Wednesday, Brent, a self-styled “man about the town,” visited a fledgling Mexican restaurant, which he noticed was picking up steam from the view of his corner office. “I saw the lines, and I just knew I had to get in front of everyone else.” After what he describes as ‘premium eats and top-of-the-line service,’ his server’s lack of appreciation of his compliments made him worry that he wasn’t talking loudly or firmly enough.

Hoping he could contact the server, whose name he struggled to remember, Gionni desired to fully express how excellent his experience truly was. “I just felt as important as I actually am the whole time I was there, and Angela, maybe Angela, actually…” Gionni trailed off here. “But you get the point, it was great and I just want her to know she did a phenomenal job. Beautiful gal.” But her reaction to his praise left him wanting more. “She just didn’t seem super appreciative, I’m worried she didn’t hear me.”

After minimal research, Sauce on the Side was able to get into contact with ‘Angela,’ whose real name is Juliana, to hear her side of the story. “Yeah I know him,” she said. “I work at two other restaurants, and Mr. Gionni is no stranger. He’s given me his card six times. Never tips, but he always tells me he has a ‘fantastic time,’ and that ‘I’m one funny chica,’ then he tries to grab my ass.” In doing our journalistic due diligence, we conveyed Gionni’s praise to Juliana, to which she responded: “Great.” and went back to folding towels.

We were able to get back in contact with Gionni to let him know that Juliana had gotten his message. “Glad she knows. Great chick. Really beautiful.” Knowing he was heard loud and clear, he asked us to relay one last message to ‘Angela,’ “Let her know she’ll be seeing a lot more of me.” When Sauce OTS got back to Juliana with the message, she declined to comment.

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