STOCKTON, CA — High fives abounded on the line of Pizza Work upon hearing that Tiffany Whitman, beloved hostess and Instagram influencer, had celebrated her eighteenth birthday last night. The cooks knew that it was some time in July, but weren’t entirely certain when. For the back of house boys, this occasion is one of great joy and respite considering the fact they’re all registered. “I hope she’s ready because all of us are going to be coming for her, hard,” Dale Travis, line cook, told Sauce On the Side. “She’s officially an adult, and she needs to know that means she’s gonna have to roll her eyes and deal with our bullshit just like everyone else here. Because this kitchen takes civic engagement incredibly seriously.” Everyone in the kitchen at Pizza Work has spent the last month finding relevant articles, hand-making pamphlets, and plotting out the best route and time to take her to the DMV in order to register her to vote. With local elections coming up, the line holds firm to the belief that the death of any democratic system is an ill-informed populace.

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