Kitchen Hates Mod That Makes Total Sense

By May 31, 2019 No Comments

BOISE, ID — The back of house crew at Thyme After Thyme had gone three hours without finding something to get unnecessarily angry about, a dangerously long and previously unheard of drought. Until Simone Flanders put in a ticket for her first table of the night. That’s when the simmering rage that keeps all kitchens functioning effectively boiled over. “I knew something was wrong the minute I put the ticket in,” Miss Flanders said. “When you hear the kitchen start shouting at anything and everyone within earshot, you just know. It kind of sounds like a roid rage version of those monkeys at the beginning of 2001: A Space Odyssey. You know what I mean? So I went back there to see what was wrong. I guess they’re just moody today.” The problem that sent five full-grown adults into fits was that Simone had requested that the cheese on the nacho appetizer be placed on the side. “I mean, that’s just not how we do it,” Derrick Sanchez, line cook and aspiring interpretive dancer, told Simone. “They wouldn’t be nachos. So I don’t think we can make your ticket. I know the chips don’t automatically come covered in cheese and that we’ve got like three different containers we could put the cheese into, but we’ve never done this before.” Having been a server for a number of years, Miss Flanders knew exactly how Derrick’s statement translated: “I’m having a bad day and this ticket makes me uncomfortable for reasons I have yet to fully rationalize. So I’m going to be mad about it.” Ever the professional, she did the most logical thing possible: waited for the one reasonable cook to come back from his break, then asked him politely if he could make it.

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