BATON ROUGE, LA — At what subsequently became a small rally in a downtown restaurant. A crowd of cheering kitchen supporters gathered around the expo station of Food For Thought. The kitchen manager started a rant directed towards the front of house about adding modifiers onto on of their specials, that lasted for an hour and a half. The tirade ended in 25 minutes of continuous applause from customers and employees alike, and a standing ovation. The adoring fans began showering the kitchen manager with roses and calling for an encore.


“He’s a true inspiration to us all,” one customer exclaimed, “I’ve never heard that degree of passion and blind rage put across in such a beautiful and meaningful way.” Another family told Sauce OTS: “We’re naming our next child after him. Regardless of the gender. We’ve taken several photos of the guy and you better believe that we are putting them up in every room of our house.” One server rushed over to inform us that she was going to get sober and contact her estranged family, stating that the speech has given her the will to live again.

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