TULSA, OK — Bethany Davis, rookie server at Dumpster Fryer, has brought the kitchen, in seven days, to a level of frustration that has never been previously achieved. It would appear that Bethany hasn’t acknowledged a single advance they’ve made or crude comment on her outward appearance. “I’ve had about enough of this,” Charlie Therone, line cook, told Sauce OTS, “all of us have worked so hard to be misogynistic dicks to her; and quite frankly, it’s incredible unfair to us that she doesn’t appreciate how much we are disrespecting her.”

The kitchen has spoken to the front of house manager about the issue, on several occasions, insisting that they are painting a verbal Matisse of chauvinism for Bethany, and it is unacceptable that she refuses to acknowledge it. “I really have no idea what these guys are talking about,” Sasha Stanton, the manager in question, said, “if they spent half as much time on the food quality as they did on being boorish pigs, our Yelp rating would be twice what it is now. I talked to Beth about it yesterday, and it turns out that she hears every word they’re saying. Apparently, she knows how much it bothers the kitchen, and ignoring them is what gets her through the day.”

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