Local Man Can’t Believe Woman Cooked His Steak

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SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, CA — At 7:07 pm last Saturday, Brian Jones, age 75, sat down at a rare treat Steakhouse and ordered a medium-rare filet mignon. When server Katey Smith went to check on him halfway through his meal, Jones wanted to let them know how pleased he was with his steak.“He told me to tell the man working the grill that he had just had the best steak he has ever had in his life, and when I told him it wasn’t a man behind the grill, he thought I was joking, ” says Smith, “so he told me he had to see it to believe it.”Smith proceeded to go back to the kitchen and get grill cook Natalie Souza.“He had this angry look on his face, like, ‘how dare they let a woman run the grill at one of the best steakhouses in town’,” says Souza, “you could see the steam coming from his ears.”Souza goes on, “I put out more steaks in one Saturday than most men do in their life, but when it comes to running the BBQ outside work, the men always tell me to step away from the grill, because apparently they know better than me. I just listen to them, then wince as I chew on medium-well rib-eye.”“That was the most perfect medium-rare I’ve ever had. It’s not possible, I refuse to believe it. This should not be allowed!” says Jones, “women belong in the kitchen if they’re making cupcakes or casseroles, but not cooking steaks. This needs to be illegal!” When Souza told him she also butchers the steaks for the restaurant, he fell over and passed out. Paramedics soon arrived at the scene. At the time of this reporting, Jones is in a stable condition and is expected to make a full recovery, however he told the press he would not be returning to a rare treat steakhouse anytime soon.

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