Maoist Chef Burns Old Cook Books

By March 10, 2019 No Comments

OMAHA, NE — Robert Smith, head chef of MS Gee That’s Good, is overseeing a culinary revolution in his kitchen. After a night of drunkenly shouting at the television while watching Chopped, Mr. Smith resolved himself to do away the old, traditional notions that were stifling progress throughout the restaurant industry. Chef Robert ran into the kitchen the very next morning and informed his employees that they would be burning every single cookbook, temp sheet, and ServSafe certification that they had. “The culinary arts are under siege from the corporate menace,” Mr. Smith, shaving his sous chef’s head, told Sauce On the Side. “It’s time to usher in a new era. One where the menu belongs to the people. It will be a golden age of creativity and progress for anyone who’s picked up a spatula or server book.” While Chef Bob’s claims are vaguely inspiring, his actions thus far have proven more problematic than beneficial. Insisting that OSHA is a pawn for the “restaurant elite,” Robert has done away with every health and safety guide at MS Gee That’s Good. None of his line cooks are allowed to temp out their food; instead, they must “feel when it’s done.” It remains to be seen whether or not his Sixteen Points On the Industry manifesto will be picked up by any other self-respecting cook. As it stands now, the owner of MS Gee That’s Good refuses to fire Mr. Smith, citing his fear that the kitchen will revolt upon his termination.

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