New Season Of Chef’s Table Follows Chef Home To Watch As They Microwave Ramen

By July 22, 2019 No Comments

Netflix has announced a new angle for the show that simultaneously keeps cooks from killing themselves, reminds people why they cook in the first place and makes anyone who works back of house aroused in a confusingly shameful way. Instead of doing their traditional format, emphasizing the care and thought that goes into every dish at a restaurant that you’ll never be able to afford, the streaming service has decided to show its subscribers what it truly means to cook for a living. “We had all this B roll of people getting off work, drinking like fish, and then crying into their phone as they ordered Jimmy John’s,” David Gelb, creator of Chef’s Table, told Sauce On the Side, “and so we thought: ‘Hey, that’s where the real story is. These people are artists, right? Then it’s high time we see how an artist truly struggles for their craft.’ The best part is that we have enough of this footage to carry on for another six years without having to film on location anywhere.” Volume 7 of Chef’s Table will feature a previously unheard of 36 episodes, the first of which is titled: “The Rats Of Chicago’s Kitchens,” and boasts a feature-length run-time of two hours and forty-five minutes. The first hour and a half is devoted to back of house employees standing sheepishly at the side of the bar, waiting for the bartender to come over and get their drink order. The remaining time focuses on binge drinking, rants covering everything from Cowboy Bebop versus Samurai Champloo to one server named Stacy who manages to fuck up an order every time she puts one in, drunk driving, and the challenge of deciding what to eat when absolutely nothing sounds good.“I think this next season is going to knock everyone’s socks off,” David stated. “Watching someone who’s made some of the greatest food on the planet drunkenly sway and stare at a pre-heating oven as they look forlornly at a bag of pizza rolls in their hand is some of the most compelling television I’ve seen in a long time. And volume 7 is going to prove that without a doubt.”

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