MONTGOMERY, AL — Cynthia Rudolph did her best to pretend that she was interested in what her trainer was telling her. None of it was new, she’s been a server long enough to know how to roll silver, send back tickets and talk to customers. Over the course of two hours, she’s done her best to try and get around to what’s really important to her by dropping lines like: “So do you guys hang out here after work,” “Does anything ever go on the spill sheet fo us,” and “Do you guys do quadruple pours for employees?” Every time she’s danced around the issue, her trainer would change the subject or tell her that everyone kind of does what they need to post-shift. “I knew I couldn’t bring it up in the interview,” Cynthia, staring longingly at the tequila bottles behind the bar, said, “but the most important thing to me about any place I work is how much of a discount I get off the clock. Getting totally blitzed after my shift is my right as a server, goddammit. Why else would I put up with all this bullshit? Just to be clear: if I order a double and I’m not getting it for the price of a single, you’re gonna be getting my two weeks pretty quick.”

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