TULSA, OK -- Maggie Bellson is Feeling Clammy’s greenest hire, and it shows. The newly 21-year-old, overly enthusiastic, aspiring dolphin trainer -despite being in a landlocked state, practically jumped for joy when one of her coworkers, Pete, invited her to a safety meeting at the bar. Maggie told him that she’d be back in ten minutes, and disappeared. “I just grabbed the goggles for my chem lab class that I keep in my car,” Maggie, searching through her car in the parking lot, told Sauce OTS. “You know, cause I don’t want them to think that I don’t take safety seriously. I told Pete how much being safe matters to me.” “I knew it, this chick’s an alcoholic for sure,” Pete, standing at the bar and watching Margaret root around her car, said to Sandra, the bartender. “She told me that she loves being safe, but I didn’t know she loved it enough to take a pull out in her car first.”

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