HOLLYWOOD, CA — Drama. Suspense. Comedy. It’s like your favorite soap opera, but real and authentic. “No script, no actors, just raw footage,” says Producer Emily Jackson, “we will simply put cameras in different areas around busy restaurants and turn them on between 5:30 and 9:30pm on Saturday nights.”Jackson says the show is will feature scenes such as the expo cussing out the new server, a line cook throwing a medium-well steak across the entire dining room, and the new hire fresh from culinary school crying in the walk-in over a box of beets.“Who doesn’t want to watch someone have a meltdown over forgetting a side of ranch?” Says Jackson, “It’s moments like these that you just can’t dream up in a TV show script.”“I think it will really capture what goes on behind the scenes while diners sit peacefully and enjoy their food,” Says David Rice, head chef at one of the featured restaurants, “I think it’s good for the industry as a whole and will give customers a little more empathy when they go out to restaurants. At least I hope so.”They are facing a few copyright issues over the name of the show, but nonetheless, the producers of “Saturday Night Live” plan to stand their ground on that front.The show will be for mature audiences only, and viewer discretion is strongly advised.

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