JERSEY CITY, NJ — The entire crew at The Canterbury Kales has allegedly managed to make it through an entire dinner rush without a single incident or mishap for the fourth week in a row. Restaurant workers from all over the world have begun making pilgrimages to The Canterbury Kales in order to witness the miraculous occurrence for themselves.


Ted Danson, a line cook from California, made a harrowing journey on Delta Airlines in order to pay homage to the entire crew. “I’ve never seen anything like it before,” Ted, wearing a ‘I saw Chaucer’s Saucers’ T-shirt, told Sauce On the Side, “everyone was communicating without pissing each other off, ticket times were consistently great, and the pre-bussing. Oh god if you could’ve have seen the pre-bussing.”


Several of the wayfarers could be seen bursting into tears when one server said to another at the POS system: “Oh, don’t that mod into the kitchen like that. It won’t come out the way you want it. Try this instead.” Several restaurants across the country have tried their best to replicate what The Canterbury Kales has managed to accomplish but consistently fallen short.


Sauce On the Side was able to catch up with the owner of this mythical, one of a kind establishment for their take on the phenomenon. Here’s what they had to say: “Is that why there are all those fucking random people just standing around in my restaurant? Why are you people wasting your time with this? They’re literally just doing their jobs correctly. What’s the big deal?”

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