SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- Mike Stockton hadn’t thought about Crazy Joe’s Palace Of Paella since he walked off the line four years ago. Just last week, despite all the odds, he received an old W-2 from them. “It took me a second to realize what I was holding in my hands,” Mike told Sauce On the Side. “Frankly, I just can’t believe anyone there has their shit together enough to be able to send me something like this. I could have sworn I was the only one there holding everything together.” Stockton’s last two weeks at Crazy Joe’s Palace Of Paella were full of fantasies revolving around what was going to happen without him there to do all the things that everyone took for granted, like making sure the make table was holding temp, rotating backups, and literally putting out the fire that started underneath the flattop every single morning. “Now I just wanna go in there and see who the fuck is still on staff,” Mike said. “If Steve’s still there I’ll lose all faith in humanity. That guy jerked off in the bathroom before every single shift. My kitchen manager at Crazy Joe’s didn’t believe that garlic had any culinary use whatsoever. How the fuck do you cook with someone like that?”

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