WASHINGTON, D.C. — Parker Gregory, the owner of Time Is Naan My Side, has just sided with a customer over his own employees for the umpteenth time. The dispute started when Sarah Smith -the customer in question and the type of customer who manages to find something wrong with every meal but never says anything about it until the check arrives- insisted that she had eaten alone and that the two meals she was charged for were a total fabrication.


Parker was in the office when the incident initially started but took a break from his third shift meal in three hours to check in on the restaurant he was so busy neglecting. He walked out to see an irate Sarah berating Mark Flander, her server. Mr. Gregory lept to action, insisting that Mark had to be in the wrong, that Sarah is a regular who brings in hundreds of thousands of dollars in business every year and doing anything to upset her could be incredibly damaging to the future of Time Is Naan My Side.


“This is total bullshit,” Mark Flander told Sauce On the Side, “let’s just start off with the fact that there were two dirty plates on the table that I hadn’t bussed yet. Then there’s the fact that one of our managers was friends with the guy she was eating with. He went up and talked to him for like twenty minutes. We all went out for a break and then, next thing you know, he disappears and she’s yelling at us and pretending that her guest never existed.”

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