Vegan Customer Confused By ToVeal

PITTSBURGH, PA -- Candice Lainey, first time customer at Fry It, We’ll Eat Some Chives has been a self-aggrandizing vegan and amateur planker for seven years.  In addition to regularly complaining about the temperature inside the restaurant, always asking servers…
Sauce On the Side
December 21, 2019

Expo Tries To Get Along With Kitchen

TULSA, OK -- Mikey “The Balls” Ficus has been an expo at Charcute For The Moon going on six months. Rather than actually doing his job or aggressively hitting on the servers as any other sensible expo worker should, Mikey…
Eric Madsen
December 15, 2019

Customer Brings In Own Jar Of Mayonnaise

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK -- Courtney Barker, proud sorority member, has been a regular at North Dakota Roadhouse since she moved to Oklahoma in order to attend the prestigious Oklahoma City Community College. Over the course of two years, Courtney has…
Sasha Jordan
December 12, 2019