WICHITA, KS — Gordon King is growing increasingly tense after his manager, David Roscoe, in the window called out a ticket to him. Unfortunately for Gordon, the grill cook had doused the flattop in water just as the order was being read off to him. “I’m in a race against the clock,” Mr. Ramsey, a 19 year old cook with an impressive 15 days of kitchen experience, told Sauce OTS, “these guys are really mean when you don’t know what you’re doing. I asked him for a recall,  but the grill guy made it impossible for me to hear it again.” Gordy thought that the best thing he could do in that moment to avoid embarrassment was to immediately begin cooking everything he could at his station.


The fryers were full of no less than eight different entrees and three side options. The young line cook was sprinting up and down the line shouting, “heard, heard, heard.” When asked to clarify what he had called out to Gordon, here’s what David had to say: “This is just something we do to mess with the new kids. There’s nothing on there for him at all, but it’s so much fun to hide the tickets and start yelling at them. It’s how we weed out the undesirables. I think this kid’s going to make it here. He’s clearly a hard worker. I just wanna see him cry a little bit before we stop messing with him.”

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