BATON ROUGE, LA — Desmond Miles, general manager of Cravin’ Cajun, is on his last limb when it comes to his staff. He has tried everything he could think of to inspire them to do their jobs for once: prizes, stickers, a naughty and nice list, calling their parents, strongly worded letters, and sexual favors. Nothing as of yet has proven to be a successful motivator. “I don’t know what is wrong with these people,” Desmond, staring at a half-finished schedule, said, “our work environment is pretty relaxed. I try not to be an idiot when it comes to managing people, but this is some next level stuff.”


Cravin’ Cajun hasn’t gone a single shift in the past nine months without at least two employees never bothering to show up. What Mr. Miles doesn’t seem to understand is that his intensely overt fear of conflict is being completely taken advantage of. “I just kept telling Desmond to hire my friends,” Carlos Chen, occasional server at Cravin’ Cajun, told Sauce OTS, “I’m pretty sure that the guy is incapable of saying no to anyone. So, we all work here as a second job whenever we feel like making some extra cash. I know the schedule has me set for 35 hours a week, but I’m hovering around six right now.”


Desmond has been going back and forth on firing all of his staff for two days now, and the stress is clearly getting to him. “My doctor had to put me on blood pressure medication,” Mr. Miles said, “he’s worried I’m going to have a stroke with all this stress. I was thinking that I’d just keep them on the schedule for now. The roaches are always here, maybe I can just start letting them pull a couple of shifts.” Desmond proceeded to spend the next twelve hours searching for roach training techniques on the internet. In that time, ten customers came and went from the restaurant without any service whatsoever.

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