INDIANAPOLIS, IN — You may think you’ve seen Romeo and Juliet before, but you’ve never seen it at 15 Minutes of Flame, the awesome new dinner theater restaurant that just opened its doors. Their bold choice to perform the most under-utilized work in Shakespeare’s catalog is accented by their super rad menu. The chicken strips and fries pair so well with the ketchup and Coke that you feel transported to the grimy school cafeteria that you were forced to eat at as a child.


15 Minutes of Flame’s director clearly has a greater depth of understanding when it comes to Shakespeare than anyone before him. His bold choice to perform the play exactly as it’s written and have his performers drop lines regularly is so cool it blew my mind. For a brief moment, I thought that I was watching a poorly thought out and terrible local theater rendition of Romeo and Juliet. Then I remembered that I was also in a restaurant and could order food, which totally changed the fucking game.


If you ever find yourself in the shining metropolis of performance art that is Indianapolis, this food and arts critic strongly recommends that you give 15 Minutes of Flame a chance. If you ever find yourself in need of an experience that leaves you saying “well, I got some food and now it’s 9:30,” this is the spot for you. Should you miss the way chill run of Romeo and Juliet, fear not. 15 Minutes of Flames director has decided that the next baller as fuck play he’s going to be doing will be Ibsen’s A Doll’s. There’s absolutely no way he’s going to screw that up so I’d call it a must see for sure.

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