Upon walking into Madame Butterflies’ Cafe, one has to remark upon the inessential minimalism. Chef Fieri’s refusal to hire servers, requiring the customer to shout their order through the kitchen’s window was a bold choice. The absence of chairs, tables, and a bar is clearly trying to give the impression that this charming cafe is all about their food, and Chef Gordon Fieri does not disappoint.


The opening of chef’s culinary symphony was titled “Are you proud of me now dad?” and it was simply exquisite. Hearing the occasional outbursts of crying from the kitchen shows that this man puts real emotion into his dishes. Following the masterful opening, was an aria on a plate known as “I know you guys still have Christmas dinner without me every year.” It was brilliant yet understated, I couldn’t imagine it getting any better, but Gordon isn’t one to disappoint. I was told to leave and thrown a to-go box containing his pièce de résistance aptly titled “Hitting my nephew with my car three different times doesn’t make me a bad guy.” And let me tell you that eating it filled me with so more joie de vivre than I ever thought possible.


I must say that it is often a daring venture going into business with family, but having Chef Fieri’s father handle the business end and leave him with an open canvas on which to paint is obviously a recipe for success. Should you ever find yourself in need of a restaurant that screams “Michellin Star” at your face as loud its chef can be sure to visit Madam Butterflies’ Cafe

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