Server Hospitalized Despite Table 32 Being “Kind of in a Rush.”

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CORPUS CHRISTI, TX — Juan Valasquez, a diabetic server at The Thyme Is Now, was rushed to the hospital after going into a diabetic coma as the result of the kitchen’s latest “hilarious prank.” With all the chaos of the paramedics arriving on the scene and rushing Juan to the hospital, table 32 in his section just wanted to make sure that their order was put in. “We don’t want to cause any trouble,” one of the guests told Sauce OTS. “It seems like everyone’s busy and everything. We just have somewhere to be in a half hour; do you know if he put our order in before he had to leave?” After nervously making eye contact with The Thyme Is Now’s manager, Bailey, several times, they were able to successfully flag her down. Unfortunately, this was after she had received the news that Juan’s outlook was grim. “I’m sorry, do you know how long it’s going to be before we get our food? I know you all are working so hard. If we could get one of the other employees here to pay attention to us, I need a refill on my diet Shasta.” Bailey informed them that the kitchen staff was currently being questioned by the police due to their involvement in Juan’s incapacitation. “So could they just box it up? We don’t want to be ‘those people’ but we really do need to go soon.”

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