SAN JOSE, CA – Molly Jenkins, a server at Purgatory’s Kitchen, walked from the dining room to the pass in front of the kitchen last Thursday during happy hour, when she exclaimed to the kitchen staff that she was “sweating” because it was “so hot” standing near the kitchen. “It was already like, 80 degrees outside, and maybe like 70 inside the restaurant, but walking near the kitchen was a whole other level,” stated Jenkins. “I just don’t know how they work in there all day.” Jenkins was allegedly going to the kitchen to check on the well-done steak and buffalo wings with sauce on the side she had rang in for table 77. “What a brilliant, original thought,” said Tim Turner, a line cook on duty that day. “I never would have came to that realization on my own, that the kitchen is hot. Truly we need more minds like Molly’s in this world.” Jenkins’ ability to point out the less obvious but important details has been a crucial asset to the restaurant lately. It is reported that last Saturday, around 6:48 pm, she pointed out that the restaurant was “very busy”, and that “Saturdays are generally the busiest day of the week”, also mentioning that “Sunday lunch is a close second.” Other sources site that Jenkins has also made careful, detailed observations on a rare steak being “very rare” and the chili wings being “very spicy”. “I just don’t know what we would do without Molly Jenkins,” says manager Gary Durante. “Her ability to see beyond the obvious is truly the backbone of this restaurant.” (The recorded temperature in the kitchen next to the grill at the time of this report was 103 degrees Fahrenheit.)

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