MADISON, WI — Bailey Taft has been working at Brews Cruise, an area taphouse, for three years. Over the course of her employment, she has gained the respect and awe of her coworkers with her supernatural ability to know what every single customer wants the minute they walk into the door. “It’s a blessing and a curse,” Bailey told Sauce OTS, “sometimes I just wish one customer would throw me for a loop. The job gets so boring when you don’t even have to listen to what your tables are saying.” The other FOH staff have made it a game to quiz her on their own tables after taking their orders. The only time she was wrong was when her coworker made a mistake and took the customer’s order incorrectly.


Her powers transcend her place of employment. Every time she dines out with her boyfriend, Bailey can intuit the orders of the people around her. “It’s like static noise inside her head all the time,” Eric Daniels, Bailey’s significant other, said, “I feel bad for her. She didn’t ask for this ability, it was just bestowed upon her. The fact that she can’t go a single day without being inside everyone’s head is unfair.” Miss Taft has never had to ask her partner what he would like to eat, she just places an order for him and moves on with her life. She is currently in talks with Food Network to be the host of a show called: “The Ticket Whisperer.”

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