CHARLOTTE, NC — Samantha Winchester, once a server at local restaurant Shiitake Happens, died tragically in a car accident several weeks ago. Her former manager Jeff Glenn was initially angry that she wasn’t able to get her shift covered, but her passing went mostly unnoticed by the rest of the staff.


This past week, however, several guests have approached restaurant management with complaints about the deceased server. George and Martha Grantwood, an elderly couple who regularly patronize the restaurant, were in Glenn’s office this morning.

“We have a complaint about one of your staff members,” George told Sauce On the Side, mistaking us for part of the restaurant management team. “She appeared at the end of our bed last night and repeatedly told us to go to hell. The other day, we saw her in a commercial on our television. At least I think it was a commercial, but it was a very strange one. Very staticky. She said: ‘Servers get paid far less than minimum wage and should be tipped accordingly.’ We recognized her because she waited on us a few months ago. I remember the service was excellent and we were so appreciative that we left her $5 on our $60 tab.”


“We’ve been having a lot of strange things happen to us lately,” Martha added. “Every time we go out to eat, we check our bank statements from the mail and the bill is always 20% higher on the statement than it was at the restaurant. We always drink water without ice, but somehow ice has been appearing every time I get a glass of water. I don’t know how this is all happening, but every time something strange like this occurs, I hear that young lady’s laugh in my head. I know it’s her because my husband told a lot of jokes when she was serving us, and she laughed at all of them.”


Shiitake Happens manager Jeff Glenn told us that he’s been hearing plenty of grievances from other guests as well, including a large group of teenagers, several middle-aged women, and the owner of the restaurant chain himself, who doesn’t really like the food but frequently comes in to drink water while conducting meetings.


“Samantha used to say that if she ever died she would come back and haunt people who tipped her poorly, but we can’t really confirm or deny that it’s her ghost doing all these things. Karma can be a bitch all on its own,” Glenn added while nervously scarfing down a mushroom burger. “If she is listening, though, I just want her to know that I’m sorry for scheduling her on so many Sunday doubles.” Despite several attempts to reach Miss Winchester via Ouija Board, Sauce On the Side has so far been unable to get her take on the story.

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