ALBUQUERQUE, NM — Kendra McCarthy, aspiring MENSA member and intrepid explorer, made a shocking discovery on her latest expedition to the dish pit. To the amazement of herself and her fellow servers, she finds that there is actually a trash can in the dish pit. The news of her findings leaves Kendra and her fellow front of the housers with more questions than answers.

“We’ve been trying all week to figure out why the dishwashers would have placed a trash can right next to where we put our plates,” Kendra told Sauce On the Side. “Right now, we think it’s part of some elaborate ritual that the dishers participate in when no one’s watching.”

The servers are unable to ask the kitchen why it’s there because of the “three-strikes” rule on stupid questions that the back of house implemented after someone wanted to know what the ladle in the ranch sauce was for. Almost everyone is on their third strike and banned from talking to the line cooks.

“One of the bartenders said that, at other restaurants, servers use that trash can to scrape off their plates,” Miss McCarthy said. “I’m calling bullshit on that, though. Why would anyone bother doing that? And what am I supposed to use to scrape the plate anyway? My hands? We’re servers, we don’t use gloves.”

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