KANSAS CITY, KS — Crystal Juarez, server at Cod’s Gift in Kansas City, KS, was late to her meeting today with Sauce On the Side, where we were supposed to be discussing the brand new restaurant (Cod’s Gift) and its new take on the popular fish (cod). We had already interviewed the owner, manager, head chef, and one of the dishwashers, and were hoping to wrap up our report today, because it is a very interesting concept. Do you know there’s more than two ways to prepare cod? We sure didn’t. Cod’s Gift has given us something that we truly never asked for, and we were excited to report it to the masses. However, Juarez was not on time for her meeting with us, and we were really hoping to get a front of house perspective before we completed our report. “Sorry I’m late,” Crystal said when she finally arrived. “I slept through my alarm clock.”It was 4 pm at the time. We asked Crystal what time her alarm had been set for. She told us it had been set for 3 pm. We then asked Crystal if this is normally the time she wakes up for the day.“It really depends on which shifts I’m working,” Crystal told us. “I work both day and night shifts, so if I’m working the morning I’ll set it for 9, since I have to be there at 10. I was late yesterday, though, because it didn’t wake me up. And if I’m working night shift I’ll set it for 4, because I have to be there at 5. I was late two days ago too, though, because it wasn’t loud enough to wake me up. I think I need a new alarm clock.”This intrigued us, so we asked Crystal if sleeping through her alarm clock was a common occurrence.“Yeah, it happens a lot,” she admitted. “Three days ago I had a dream where I got up and got ready for work and left, but then I woke up and I was 30 minutes late because I had actually been sleeping through my alarm the whole time. My manager got mad at me a couple weeks ago because it kept happening and she said it’s ‘not a valid excuse anymore’, or whatever, so I got one of those like, real alarm clocks, you know, that isn’t my phone, but it hasn’t been working either.”We decided to go back and interview Crystal’s manager, Rita Hayworthy, about this specific issue.“Crystal is about to get fired,” Hayworthy told us, her pleasant demeanor changing to one of acute displeasure once the server’s name was mentioned. “Yesterday was her 19th shift in a row being late, and I cannot deal with this anymore. I’ve heard so many servers use the ‘I slept through my alarm’ excuse, but this is really getting out of hand. If she has a medical condition that keeps her from waking up no matter what time of day it is, she should really get that checked out. We obviously don’t provide health insurance or anything like that, but there are ways to get around that. I don’t know, sell a kidney or start a kickstarter, or something.”We followed up again with Crystal, because we might as well run this story now that we didn’t really have time to finish the other one (there’s just so much craft that goes into talking about cod we didn’t feel comfortable releasing something we weren’t ready for). Crystal seemed nervous that we were still discussing this topic, and finally let some crucial information slip.“Well, sometimes I do wake up the first or second time when my alarm clock goes off. I just hit snooze a few times and before I know it, I’ve slept too long and I’m late. Please don’t tell my boss though. I’m trying to convince her I have a medical condition. I just really like sleeping.”We can’t say for sure whether this is the case for all servers who consistently claim to sleep past their alarm clocks, but we really do understand that their jobs are hard and they need a lot of rest. Go ahead and hit ‘snooze’ one more time before getting up and at ‘em tomorrow morning.. You deserve it.

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