INDIANAPOLIS, ID–Madeline Hart, a server at Come Kale Away With Me, a local vegan restaurant, has called Sauce On the Side several times to complain about her managers. Specifically, how her managers are handling her schedule.“I just got my schedule and I was given the worst shifts ever,” Madeline said in the first voicemail she left us. “It’s my first week here, and they only scheduled me three days. And they’re the shitty shifts no one wants. Like Tuesday lunch. We have a two for one special that day and I’m not going to make any money. I just don’t understand why this company doesn’t see my value as an employee. I’m probably going to quit.”Sauce On the Side did not reply to Madeline, as being an HR of sorts for service industry workers isn’t really our prerogative, but she was persistent. Two weeks later we received another voicemail.“This is ridiculous,” Madeline complained. “I literally cannot do this. I had to work three doubles this week and only had one day off. They are trying to kill me. Human beings are not supposed to function this way. And of course I’m working Friday and Saturday nights, the busiest shifts where I’m going to get my ass kicked. Do they not understand that I’m a human being who needs rest and time to focus on my crystal collection? They don’t just charge themselves.”The voicemails became more frequent after that. Two days later Madeline called to tell us that she had informed her managers of her health concerns and her schedule had been cut back. “How am I supposed to survive?!” she demanded of Sauce. “I need to work those hours in order to pay my bills! They took Saturday night away from me! How am I supposed to make rent this month? Everyone here is a monster. This place would not even be running without me; everyone else is a lazy piece of shit.” The next day another call came. “I had to release my Friday night shift because there was so much negative energy Thursday morning that I just couldn’t handle being there. Now my managers are saying that because I keep releasing shifts they’re going to cut back my hours more! What am I supposed to do? Why aren’t you answering my calls?” A week later we heard, “I yelled at my managers because I wasn’t getting enough hours, so they gave me the worst shifts ever. I don’t understand why they hate me! Now I’m working doubles four days in a row and I have to close twice this week. It’s honestly not okay.”We’re probably still getting messages from Madeline, but we muted her voicemails so we can’t hear them anymore. It was probably an intern who did it; we really do care about employees of the service industry and their petty complaints. Hit us up if you need to talk you can email us at guy@guyfieri.com, or call the suicide prevention hotline.

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