Server Written Up for Describing Menu Items as “Totes Amazeballs”

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CHICAGO, IL–Front of House staff at Charter House Brewery was both stunned and oddly entertained when server Brittany Cross was taken aside and reprimanded for describing a $54 swordfish entree to a customer as “totes amazeballs.” The official write up leaves the exact phrasing aside, but describes the interaction as “unprofessional and bizarre.”According to reports from fellow servers, Cross was going through the specials like normal when she suddenly dropped slang she picked up from her sorority. While only one other server heard her at the time, it spread among the entire FOH staff within seconds. Server Lindsay Noyes described the customers as “this elderly-as-fuck couple who couldn’t in a million years have possibly known what an amazeball is.” She further went on to say that the customers started off as confused, but then became visibly upset. “I’m pretty sure it’s because Britt said ‘balls’ to them,” Noyes said. “The old lady probably assumed it meant something dirty or offensive and got all pissed. I mean, Britt shouldn’t have said ‘totes amazeballs’ in the first place, sure, and I don’t know what she was thinking there, but it’s not a sexual thing so the lady didn’t have to make such a big deal out of it.” Everyone at Charter House knew Brittany Cross was new but assumed she at least had the common sense to talk to customers like regular people. She had one-year prior experience at Fish & Tackle, where she had previously been written up for describing a serving of cod as “fucking fire.”

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