Sous Chef Leaves To “Find Himself” At Restaurant Next Door

By July 12, 2019 No Comments

CHARLOTTE, NC — Dale Conrad is working his last shift at Blazé Faire today in order to start a new life for himself across the street at Der Schnitzel, a polynesian restaurant, where they: “Recognize the untapped potential of an artist,” according to Conrad. He’s frequently told his coworkers that if they go under, he’d be more than happy to come back and take the head chef’s position. “Over my dead body,” Carl Menken, the current head chef for Blazé Faire, told Sauce On the Side. “This is the same kid who came up with artisanal pigs in a blanket for a 100 dollar a plate fundraiser we were catering. He calls himself an artist but I truly believe that he has no idea what that means. “Two weeks ago, he told me that I was suffocating his creativity. I literally had to stop what I was doing for a second when I realized that the motherfucker was serious. He couldn’t come up with an original thought to save his life. The only reason he’s going across the street is because I told him to. I guess that’s a sous chef for you, though.”

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