MEMPHIS, TN — Antonio Chen, sous chef at Olive Greenhouse, has been berating his coworkers for the past hour and a half after one of the new hires used the kitchen’s sherry for its actual purpose. The deluge of profanity can be heard throughout the restaurant, and the patrons are growing concerned for the kitchen’s safety. “Nobody told me that was cooking with Antonio’s ‘Gatorade.’ I’m new here, someone should’ve warned me,” Cindy Carter, the origin of sous chef’s rage, told Sauce OTS. In the first fifteen minutes of discovering that the sherry was used, Mr. Chen managed to bring one of the most senior line cooks to tears.


“I know that, they technically used it correctly,” Antonio said, “but that’s not the point. I’m a cooking machine, okay? I need my fuel or this machine will shut down.” Due to the fact that the discovery was made in the middle of a rush, no one on staff has been able to leave the restaurant in order to get Mr. Chen more of his ‘fuel.’ Everyone is merely hoping that they can make it through this shift without being sent to the hospital. “Everyone on the line said that I should go home as soon as the rush is over,” Cindy told Sauce OTS, “I think that’d be for the best. At least we get a truck in tomorrow.”

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