We here at Sauce On the Side know that coming up with new specials can sometimes feel like trying to come up with new specials. We humbly suggest you entertain the idea that potatoes could be a new and exciting addition to your menu. We know what you’re thinking: “Potatoes? They’re just a stupid, starchy spud that sits in the dirt like an inanimate pig.” They’re so much more than that, though.


The one thing you hadn’t considered was actually cooking them. After boiling them until they were no longer hard, placing them in a large mixing bowl, and punching the stupid things repeatedly with our fists, a puree began to form. The resulting mixture turns out to be delicious and we’ve decided to call it ‘Crushed Potatoes.’


For the more daring, you could also try cutting them up and placing them in a fryer until the inside of that dirt vegetable is fully cooked and the outside is crispy. Adding a little salt to them right when they come out creates something similar to McDonald’s french fries but also completely different. We recommend pairing these ‘Frito Potatoes’ with a filet mignon or any dish with scallops.

Feel free to give any of these culinary creations a whirl for your next round of specials and let us know how it goes by reaching out on our social media pages or by emailing us at guy@guyfieri.com.

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