Instagram Restaurant Only Serves Menu

SEATTLE, WA -- The Instagram restaurant, AirBites, has created quite a stir amongst the millennial crowd through serving their menu. Just their menu, nothing more. If you have to ask them why, you obviously can remember the nineties. Those with…
New Guy
February 8, 2020

Inmate’s Last Meal Sent Back

LEAVENWORTH, KS -- David Bradley Cooper, local resident of the maximum security federal prison, has been given only a matter of hours to live before death by lethal injection. David Cooper, known to his friends as ‘DB,’ will be going…
Greg Parker
February 7, 2020

Cook Yells Corner At Home

DENVER, CO -- Charles Winthrop has hit a newfound personal low that he hadn’t even realized existed. After working in the service industry for years, he has finally began announcing his presence around the house to his five cats. “It’s…
Sean Russell
January 28, 2020

Deceased Employee Written Up For No Call/No Show

GREENSBORO, NC -- Jeremy Stewart, front of house manager for Al Frankenfurters, is pissed. Heather, one of his servers, died tragically after bursting into flames from being erroneously wasted and standing too close to a candle. “The funeral was touching,”…
New Guy
January 24, 2020