CLEVELAND, OH — Wacky Fun Time Group Therapy, a local team building retreat provider, has found itself in a situation it has never experienced before. It appears that the fun and empowering experience they were hoping to provide Sofia’s Diner, has only created more conflict. Strangely, the focus of the divisiveness is actually focused on the staff of the retreat itself. “These people are really mean,” Jerry told Sauce OTS, “I’ve never seen a group like this before. I mean. In twenty seconds they had Janelle in tears, and she had to go home. The poor girl just asked the employees to do trust falls.” Wacky Fun Time Group, was not made aware going into the retreat that they would be attempting to motivate a staff of restaurant workers.

By the end of the scheduled lunch break, the service industry employees had managed to send one Wacky Fun Time Group employee to the hospital. “Fuck these guys,” Dave, a bartender for Sophia’s Diner, said, “what kind of bonding are we supposed to get from doing bullshit like passing a ball around and talking about our feelings and shit?” As the day went on, Sophia’s staff was able to bring three more employees to tears; including Jerry, who was told “No, we don’t want to fucking run around with our hands tied together. I bet your wife just stares at the ceiling while you fuck her.” As the tears ran down his cheek, Jerry could be heard saying, “you’re right.” Wacky Fun Time Group does not plan to do team building events for restaurants anymore.

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