CHICAGO, IL — The Donner family decided to spend a night out at Munchousen, a local steakhouse/taco cart. George and Tamsen Donner had never taken their daughters Georgia and Mary to a steakhouse/taco cart before and imagined that Munchousen would be as good a place as any. What they didn’t count on was the fact that the menu would be leaving them with more questions than answers.


“Can I talk about this for a moment?” asked George, gesturing at the menu. “The only place where veal is listed is on the kids’ menu. That’s strange, right? It even has the word ‘wink’ typed out after listing it as an option. What kind of operation are they running here?”


When the Donner Party’s server came back in order to take their order, George had decided that he actually wanted to try the veal. Upon hearing this, their server gave him a sideways glance and said, “Oh come on now, you’re too old to be ordering an entree like that. It’d be child’s play for you.” She then gestured to the children. “They can eat as much as they’d like, however.” It was after that ominous statement that their server asked Georgia and Mary if they’d like a tour of the kitchen. George and Tamsen wasted no time gathering their children and immediately walking out of the restaurant. Fortunately, they still left a three-star review of it on Yelp, citing the ambiance and decor.

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