PHEONIX, AZ — Shawn Washington, one of the more senior employees at Sushee-Me, much to the chagrin of everyone else who works in the kitchen, still can’t find anything in the walk-in. No one is entirely sure how he has managed to go this long without learning the basic layout of something he uses every single fucking day. Going an entire shift without Shawn poking his head out and asking where something is for the umpteenth time is a rare and miraculous occurrence. “I just don’t know he does it,” Derrick Farley, one of Mr. Washington’s coworkers, remarked. “Like, seriously. He has asked me where the jalapenos are when he’s standing right in front of them. Sometimes we like to send him in there to grab something and then take bets on what he’ll come back with or how long it will take.” In his five years of employment at Sushee-Me, the layout of the walk-in hasn’t changed once. And yet, that part of Shawn’s brain that is supposed to catalog the location of objects seems to shut off the moment he walks inside the cooler. “There’s a lot of stuff in there, okay,” Mr. Washington rebutted. “I can’t be expected to know exactly where everything is when I need it, because there are so many things that I need every day. I’m just so focused on the quality of the food, or whatever, that I don’t think about where it actually is.”

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